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Single treatment

Double the Happiness

Baycox® Iron Injection:


Coccidiosis and iron deficiency anaemia prevention in one single treatment


The same reliable efficacy of Baycox® 5% oral suspension now in injectable formulation with added iron


Less handling, therefore less stress for the piglets and less labour for the farmers

Baycox® Iron Injection:
Less stress for the piglets and the farmer

  • Proven efficacy preventing clinical signs of coccidiosis (e.g. diarrhoea) as with Baycox® 5% (oral)


  • Proven efficacy preventing iron deficiency anaemia and maintaining healthy haemoglobin levels as with commercial iron injections


  • Significantly improves weight gain consistently with Baycox® 5% (oral) and iron injected separately


  • Reduces piglet handling, stress and promotes animal well-being


  • Reduces labour and complexity making piglet management easy


  • Adjustable dose volume tailored to individual farm and piglet needs


Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) EU