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A first-of-its kind immune restorative for periparturient dairy cows and heifers.

During the critical time around calving when a dairy cow's immune system is suppressed, Imrestor™ helps restore the function and increase the number of bacteria-fighting neutrophils, significantly reducing the incidence of clinical mastitis.1

Contact your veterinarian to learn more about Imrestor.

Contact your veterinarian to get more information about purchasing Imrestor.

Imrestor is a protein that helps restore the integrity of a cow’s innate immune system during the time when she experiences periparturient immune suppression. By reducing the incidence of mastitis around calving, Imrestor is the helping hand a dairy farm needs to help protect her potential.

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the function and increase the number of neutrophils when periparturient immune suppression leaves her vulnerable to infection


the incidence of clinical mastitis around calving by 31.9%1


her potential and the well-being of the entire dairy, as well as minimize the frustration of treating mastitis, with a product that is proven safe and effective for your herd

Imrestor is administered with 2 subcutaneous injections

Injection #1: 7 days* before the anticipated date of calving

Injection #2: within 24 hours after calving. Each cow should always receive both doses of Imrestor

*4-10 days to accommodate management schedules.
See label for complete dosage and administration instructions.

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To help protect the whole herd with Imrestor as part of an ongoing herd health management program, contact your veterinarian or Elanco Representative.

The label contains complete use information,
including cautions and warnings. Always read,
understand and follow the label and use directions.

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